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PlayDecks MINI - piano stickers package

PlayDecks MINI - piano stickers package

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  • Step 1: Choose Your Mood

    In your Kit, you’ll find a minor deck for minor keys (this has cold colours) and a major deck for major keys (this has warm colours).

    Songs written in minor keys tend to sound sad or intense while songs written in major keys are uplifting or happy.

  • Step 2: Pick A Key/Colour

    Inside each deck are 12 key groups with different colours so you can tell them apart. Each key group has a scale card and 7 chord cards. The chords are numbered.

    To write your first song. Pick a colour, then choose 2 or more chord cards for one hand, they are normally played in the left hand, but don’t have to be) and make sure you have your scale card too.


  • Step 3: Play

    Use the reference image on the chord cards to play chords, switching from one chord to another. You can change the order of the chords you play until you like what you hear.

    Your scale card is for your other hand, you can play any note from the scale card and it will work. Some notes will work better than others.

  • Build Any Song

    Choose your key and chords to write your own song. Quickly swap out chords for other that sound good. Use our scale cards to help you compose melodies.

  • Flash Cards

    Memorise chords, scales, keys and progressions by using PianoKit by Playdecks as flash cards.

  • Upgrade to Composer

    Search for the chords behind ANY song, use our digital player to edit the chords to make the song your own and learn different ways to play each chord.